Quick Thoughts on the Sixers, Phillies, and Tiger

With baseball finally underway, the Masters in full swing, and NBA playoffs looming, I can finally say it’s springtime. 

Tiger Woods finished up his first round with a 72 even par at Augusta today. I’m a huge Tiger fan, and was thrilled when he won his first tourney two weeks ago. I expect him to compete throughout the weekend, but winning is another matter. It’s impossible to predict winners this early in the tournament. I didn’t get an opportunity to see much of his play today, but even par through 72 ain’t bad.

The Phillies started their 2012 campaign with a 1-0 win over the Pirates. Halladay pitched very well, giving up two early hits, but clamped down as he went 8 innings. John Mayberry had two great defensive plays, and set up an RBI for Chooch in the 7th (I think) to finally put the Phillies onto the board. Mayberry had a good season last year, and I think he will more than qualify to replace Ibanez this season. Cliff Lee will take the mound Saturday night against the Buccos in a 7:05 start on CSN. Gotta give my player of the game award to Halladay, but Chooch with his 3 hits and RBI, and Mayberry with his all-around play made it tight. Good start to the season.

The Sixers look abysmal. I remember it was mid-february in a 98-89 win over the Bobcats when I saw little thigns the team was doing that bothered me. The issues are in full swing now. The team played with no effort against Toronto last night, no effor against Washington last week, but came out and played hard in Miami and against Atlanta. The Sixers are not in a position to take teams lightly, especially with how terribly they’ve played since the All-Star break. I knew the Sixers would come “back to earth” during the season, but there is no excuse for coming out flat in crunch time. The C’s may have the tough schedule, the Knicks have injuries, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see both teams pass the Sixers by season’s end. If the Sixers don’t start playing with some fire night in and night out, it’ll be devastating.

I understand the team doesn’t have the most talent, but you can make up for it with team play. They are more than capable of putting up double digit wins against the Wiz and the Raptors. Orlando visits Philly Saturday night on ESPN, and then the team travels to Boston for a huge matchup against the Celtics on NBA TV. Stay tuned.


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