Sixers Looking to Play Golf Early this Year.

The Orlando Magic came into Saturday night’s contest reeling and under duress. The Sixers came into the game under a free-fall. The fall continued as the Sixers were outplayed and fell to the Magic 88-82. There really isn’t much to say about the Sixers from this point on. Yes, the Sixers are a young team, yes the season is compacted, but in reality, the team just isn’t any good.

After a 20-9 start, the Sixers look to be headed to 9-20 since that point. The offense is non-existent, the team cannot perform in crunch time, the team cannot defend, and coach Collins has had some interesting rotations as of late. The Sixers are a 1.5 games ahead of Milwaukee in the 7th spot, and 1 game ahead of New York. By the end of the weekend, the Sixers may be out of the postseason. Hard to believe isn’t it?

I’ll be honest. I drank the Kool-Aid at the beginning of the season, and thought the team could compete. Bad teams do not blow out bad teams by 20+ points a night. I believed that losing close games to tough opponents would mentally strengthen the team and they would come out strong the next time. Well, those times are long behind the Sixers as they cannot beat NBA scub teams, or a one man team in Orlando. (The Magic were without Ryan Anderson, and Howard is suffering from back spasms)

Will the Sixers make the playoffs? They don’t deserve to. I would rather the team miss the playoffs and get a lottery pick. What good does making the playoffs have for this team? As currently contructed it will never have a chance to win a title, let alone win the division. It’s time to start over. The core of Iguodala, Brand, Young, and Williams has been around for quite some time, and has paid little dividends. What good would it be for the team to make the postseason to be swept by… ANYBODY in the first round?

This is a deep draft. There are a lot of potentially GREAT stars coming out of college this year and jumping into the NBA. The Sixers could benefit from some new blood, and cutting off old limbs. I don’t believe anybody on this team is worh keeping outside of Thad Young and Evan Turner. Holiday is not a point guard, Haws is soft, Williams is streaky, Iguodala’s time is overdue and he’s expensive, Brand is expensive, (if he can come back at a cheaper price, I say bring him back) Collins is clueless, Meeks is D-League material, and so on. I can’t remember ever seeing a team in the NBA go from constant domination of “lesser” talent to finish the way the Sixers have. It’s an Eagles game over the course of an NBA season.

This has been a terrible year for Philadelphia sports. It looked like the Sixers could turn the corner and be competitive night in and night out. Not so much anymore. The honeymoon is over, and I expect wholesale changes for the Sixers this offseason. Nothing can happen to make next season any different with this same collection of players. It’s time to an enema.


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