Quick takeaway from the Sixers’ season

I think it’s time for something positive to say about this team and season. I think it was a good season to really see what players belong and don’t belong. I think we know that ET can be a very special player. I like that Thad is constant energy, and has been the most consistent player throughout the season. Given an normal NBA schedule, I don’t think they’d perform any better, but I think the fatigue factor wouldn’t settle in as much as it is now. I think this team’s collection of talent is a notch down from 01 (that interior D was stellar, and there was AI) but if we had 01 Iverson on this team we could make a run.

That said, there needs to be some changes. Iggy has to go, along with Brand if the owners want to make progress with this team. The Sixers need a consistent scorer who demands attention and gets to the line. The team isn’t as bad and untalented as its playing right now. If this season were reversed, and the Sixers were 27-29 and playing well I think they could make some noise, but the psyche of this team is shot unfortunately. Play out the season, see where you land, and go from there.

I personally would only like to see Thad, ET, Vuc, and Lou return. I think the other players are far too flawed and don’t fit together as a unit. The team probably can’t keep both Holiday and ET (unless we have a coach who decides to use them correctly) so Holiday goes in my opinion. Iggy and Brand take up far too much cap space to keep. They’re paying for a superstar between the two, yet get production of a 2nd tier player. Iggy’s offensive game is far too flawed for what he’s paid and Brand is Brand.

There are 10 games left in the regular season, and the Sixers are a game ahead of Milwaukee for the 9 spot. We’ll see if the Sixers can right the ship and sneak into the playoffs, but I still don’t think it’s best for the team in the long run. Stay Tuned.

Next — Sixers (29-27) @ Nets (21-37) TUE 7:30PM EST


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