An Emotional and Possibly Unfounded Rant – Zach Randolph Suspended For Game 7


I understand rules are rules. I understand “player safety” is an “issue”. But what I don’t understand is how a player can be suspended for what in fact does look like a punch (and a weak punch at that), but was called a simple personal foul in the game. No ejection, no flagrant, no technical (it’s the playoffs!). Mike Conley is also nursing a hammy injury which will most likely slow him to a halt on Saturday as well. Looks like KD and the Thunder may have an easy path to the second round after that ruling.

Speaking of rulings and rules, Josh McRobers, who infamously elbowed LeBron James in the throat last week received no suspension from the league (in a series which was already conceivably finished), but was merely fined. Paul George stepped on the court yesterday (while on the bench) during an altercation in Game 6. I don’t want to put the tin foil hat on, but I’m not a big fan of the interpretation of the rules for both Randolph and Paul George. But hey, that’s the NBA for you.


Three Game 6’s are on the docket tonight. The Raptors (3-2) travel to Brooklyn to take on the Nets and head coach Jason Kidd who is $25,000 poorer; The Blazers (3-2) host the Rockets, and the Spurs (3-2) will take the bus trip over to clash with the Mavs. We might as well root for three more Game 7’s to occur on Sunday, so I’ll be cheering on the guys staving off elimination tonight.


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