THE Top 10 Best Seinfeld Episodes – #10: Serenity Now!

Seinfeld is easily my favorite live action show by far. The jokes, the characters, and the stories make up for a show that ended too soon. While the writing trailed off in the later seasons, it’s still high quality stuff, and it’s unlikely we’ll see anything like that ever again. Part of the reason I say that is because sitcom television has changed dramatically over the past 15 years, and a disjointed show about nothing like Seinfeld may not register with people anymore. I will say How I Met Your Mother is probably the closest thing (to me) to Seinfeld as far as comedy and awesomeness, but nothing can claim the hold Seinfeld has in my life. Here’s #10 in my Seinfeld episode list.



We all know what it means. “Serenity Now, Insanity Later”. Frank Costanza is told by his doctor to say “serenity now” whenever a bout of anger comes forth. Lloyd Braun and George are working for Frank selling computers. Needless to say, George can’t sell any computers while Lloyd is a selling machine. George eventually buys a bunch of computers himself to end Braun’s winning streak.  Kramer puts a screen door up on his apartment, dubbing it “Anytown USA.” Elaine develops shiks-appeal and is the desire of every Jewish man in New York City (Even the 16 year old boys). Jerry gets in touch with his inner feelings after his girlfriend says he needs to open up more.

This episode had so many good moments, it’s hard to pick one. I suppose the one I remember most is the ending in which Kramer goes insane and destroys all the computers George has holed up in his apartment. This was one of the better episodes towards the end of the series, and is a must watch anytime it’s on.

  • Kramer mentioned he is ambushed by the neighborhood kids. One of the kids, named Joey Zambino was babysat by Kramer in the episode “The Wait Out”
  • The father of Seinfeld writer Steve Koren would shout “serenity now!” as part of a rage controlling exercise. I guess it is/was a real thing.

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