THE Top 10 Best Seinfeld Episodes – #9: Cartwright!


When you’re hungry, a five minute wait for a table seems like a lifetime. This episode puts those horrible feelings to life in a classic Seinfeld episode. In one of the few episodes that have no shots in Jerry’s apartment, the gang, sans Kramer heads to a Chinese restaurant for dinner before a movie. They’re put on a five minute wait (naturally), but as the wait continues, the hijinks begin. George needs to call a woman but keeps getting blocked by other callers, only to finally call and get the machine. He leaves his name with the host in cast Tatiana calls back, only to be called “Cartwright” by the host. Elaine is suffering from hunger and complains the entire episode. Jerry sees a woman whom he remembers meeting but can’t figure out her name.

It never was an episode that had iconic moments, but the premise is something we can all relate to. How many times must we wait like pigs at the slaughter for our food? How many movies do we miss because the host can’t see how hungry we are? I suppose Plan 9 From Outer Space can wait, unless we leave to eat hamburgers instead? The gang leaves the restaurant just as the host finally states “Seinfeld, Four”.

This episode is the epitome of the show about nothing, because quite frankly, nothing happened. This is a classic Seinfeld episode that will always be remembered.


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