A Sixers NBA Draft Thought

Boy it’s been awhile.


The Sixers will come away with Andrew Wiggins on Thursday night. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but it has to happen. The Sixers need a guy who not only has superstar potential, but has the star power to put butts in the seat. Jabari Parker is a nice player, Embiid is tantalizing but injured, Vonleh is a safe pick, and Exum is a mystery. Those guys are nice, but I doubt will get the city energized and excited about the Sixers again. The team has trade pieces available to move up to #1, or work out a trade with Cleveland if they decide to wait. Maybe the Sixers draft Embiid at 3, Cleveland snags Wiggins at 1, and then a trade occurs. It happens quite often in the NFL, and I think we could see it on Thursday.

Wiggins WILL be a Sixer. Book it.


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