LeBrOpt Out


LeBron JamesWell folks, we’re at it again. It still feels like it was mere months ago when the original “Decision” happened in front of millions of people on national TV. While I don’t expect any Decision type event in July, you can expect the constant ESPN coverage, and internet rumor mills exploding with anonymous “sources”. LeBron becoming a free agent instantly puts the NBA in a near must-follow spotlight over the next few weeks. It’s hard to deny the obvious impact LeBron has on the NBA, even if he isn’t the most popular guy in the league. That distinction may belong to Kevin Durant, however, LeBron commands so much airtime and intrigue, it’s hard to ignore. Sports fans all around the world will be watching as this saga unfolds right in front of our eyes.

Chicago? New York? Cleveland? Miami? Philadelphia? Let’s not forget the Heat are in the best possible situation as they can throw the most money at LeBron, WHILE already having a championship atmosphere in place. Each of these cities will be brimming with hope to reel in the biggest catch on the FA market this summer to please their fans and the owner’s wallets. Sorry Carmelo, but you’ve been demoted to a supporting role in this drama. Regardless, both Carmelo and LeBron make this the most interesting FA class since 2010, and it will not fail to deliver on the hype and drama.

Do you want your team to sign LeBron this offseason? What about Carmelo?


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