My NBA Draft Mock Draft Wish


It’s finally here. Draft day has arrived and tonight will settle the endless speculations about what will happen in this most unpredictable draft. The top 10 is about as deep and unpredictable as I’ve seen in a long time. I’m going to do a “mock” draft of what I’d like to see happen tonight. Don’t worry, it’s realistic, but it’s what I’d like to see happen as a Sixer fan and beyond. So let’s get started.

  1. CLE –Andrew Wiggins SG /Kansas
  2. MIL – Jabari Parker SF/Duke
  3. PHI – Dante Exum PG/Australia

Now this is where things may get interesting. Exum visited the Cavaliers recently for a workout. Now it may be a formality, or a smokescreen, but there may be genuine interest in picking him. The Cavs won’t snag Exum with the #1 pick, so I can see a Exum + 2nd round picks for Wiggins swap. So the top 3 would look like this.

  1. CLE – Dante Exum via PHI
  2. MIL – Jabari Parker
  3. PHI – Andrew Wiggins via. CLE

Now, this would be my ideal situation, however, there have been rumblings with Orlando being the forerunner for that #1 spot as well. I have a hard time believing Cleveland keeps whoever they pick #1, so I expect the pick to be traded before the draft, or the Cavs picking a player for another team.

  1. ORL – Noah Vonleh PF/Indiana
  2. UTA – Aaron Gordon PF/Arizona
  3. BOS – Joel Embiid C/Kansas
  4. LAL – Julius Randle PF/Kentucky

The Lakers have been high on Marcus Smart for awhile now. I think they make a strong push for Kyrie to run the point for the Lakers, thus Randle gets selected here. I could see Smart going here about as much as Randle.

  1. SAC – Marcus Smart PG/Oklahoma State
  2. CHA – Gary Harris SG/Michigan State
  3. PHI – Doug McDermott SF/Creighton

This won’t happen. It fits too well and there will be chaos throughout the top ten picks. Tonight is pretty much must-watch TV for any true basketball fans out there. So tune in tonight, sit back, relax, and enjoy the madness.


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