#GamerGate: A Boss Battle to Last a Lifetime

The fight rages on. Alexa ratings for pages such as Kotaku and Polygon fall. #GamerGate and #NotYourShield continue to trend on twitter. It finally looks like the gamers can change the course of gaming news in the long run. All is good.

While it looks like things are heading in the right direction, it’s important to remember that this will always be a battle that free thinking Gamers must face. There will always be those that want to use their influence in order to manipulate a narrative. Game publications that cater to their advertisers and publishers will always be under pressure to skew the news. We’re making progress, but this will not be a war with an end.

Over the course of human history there have been uprisings in various degrees. It can be as small as workers going on strike, to the American Revolution, but these all have one thing in common: a people united for a common cause; seeking to change the direction of their story. #GamerGate is the beginning of OUR story. The reclamation project of a hobby we’ve loved for many years. Gaming started as a humble shut-in activity and has grown to be the biggest entertainment medium in the world. Over the course of the years, things inevitably had to change, but the core of what makes video games so fun remains. 

So while we fight the powers that be, don’t get the idea that one day we will win this fight. Corruption, greed, and self-serving agendas will always be an issue that Gamers must sniff out and fight against. We have finally gained a voice in the Gaming Industry and it’s no longer sufficient that we speak with our wallets; but that we speak through various platforms as well. If we let #GamerGate die, the cancer of corruption will continue to spread without ceasing. 

While this experience has brought gamers together, and allowed people to form new friendships, we can’t allow this to become a cycle that we that we experience every few years. Keep the fight. Keep pushing. Keep demanding excellence and transparency. As I’ve said before, the various opinions of those involved in this industry are valid. We all just need to learn to respect each other. 

Remember this: Gamers are diverse. Gamers are unique. We all come from different stages in life; yet we can all bond and share an experience over a game of Mario Party. This business is influential for a reason. Don’t let that fire die because powerful people says that it should.

I’m a 26 Year Old Black Gamer. I am #NotYourShield.


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